What is a Domain Name?

    A domain name is what is commonly referred to as a website address, like or, and is unique to your site. It is the address a customer or browser will use to find your website.

    How Do I Create a Website?

    The things you initially need for a simple website are Hosting, a Domain Name and a Website Page or Pages to display. Choose a hosting provider (like BeMoreOnline) which gives you hosting, great value domain names and simple website building options in one package and you can be online in no time. Choose from one 3 hosting packages and search for a great domain for your web project.

    What Is Web Hosting?

    Imagine you’re building a house on a plot of land. The land is your web hosting. And the house is your website. And your postal address is your domain name (eg : You can build whatever kind of house you like and style it how you want. As a web hosting provider, we rent the ?land? out to you so you can build whatever you like. We maintain the land (provide the gas and electric, cut the grass etc.) so you can carry on working on your house without worrying about it. We provide shared web hosting, which simply means that you have neighbours close by who rent other parts of the land too.