WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

    Posted on March 25, 2020

    In this blog we provide a high level comparison between the 3 most popular CMS platforms that we offer as one-click installs and they are WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

    A CMS enables you to build an amazing website with no or limited technical knowledge.  A CMS handles all of the tricky techy stuff so you can focus on how your website looks and works for your customers.

    All of these CMS platforms are included for free in your bemoreonline hosting package, can be installed using the one-click section of your control panel and can be used to create amazing websites.

    They all have extensive communities for support, templates, themes and plugins to help jump start your site.  Lots and lots of sites have been built with these CMS platforms and developers would be available if you need any outside help.


    WordPress is by far the most popular CMS today with nearly 60% of the market.  It is beginner friendly, really easy to use, with a massive community of users and heaps of information available to you.  WordPress provides a showcase of just some of the sites currently using WP – so you can see what is possible –


    Joomla is a distant 2nd in the CMS market with only 7%, but it is more powerful and allows you to build online applications.  It is still relatively simple to use, but not as well known or used as WordPress.  Having said that it has been used to build millions of websites, a showcase of which can be found here…


    Lastly Drupal.  It is the least simple to use for beginners and does need some technical knowledge.  It is very powerful and offers almost endless design possibilities.  It has less than 5% of the CMS market, but is used to power some very influential websites…


    Drupal is an excellent platform, very powerful and offers endless possibilities, but it does take some time to learn and needs a bit of technical understanding.

    Joomla has less design options but more than enough for just about any website you are thinking of creating.

    WordPress is easy to use, very well supported and has tons of themes, templates and plugins to get your site up and running in not time.

    Well, I hope that helps – but if you have any other questions, as always please just get in touch



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