Why do I need a website?

    If you decide to create a website and if you decide to build and host it through BeMoreOnline that is great news for us and we would love to have you onboard.

    But don’t get a website just because we think it is a great idea, get a website because it makes sense for your business and it fits within your business model.  Documenting your current and future business models and the role your website will play within that model will result in a much more focussed website design and a much better return on investment.

    And documenting your business model also has many other advantages – so where should you start?

    The simple answer is here…  They have loads of great resources and a template of their business model canvas for you to use (in exchange for your email address of course).

    The business model canvas is a great tool for thinking about the 9 key building blocks for your business model.

    It challenges you to really think about;

    1. Who your customers are?
    2. What customer problem or need your product or service will address?
    3. How you will reach your customers?
    4. And what kind of relationship you will have with them
    5. Based on these answers you should have a good idea of your estimated revenue streams.

    Conversely, it also challenges you identify;

    1. What resources you would need?
    2. What activities would you need to undertake?
    3. And what partnerships you would need in order to provide the products and services to your customers?
    4. And finally based on that information you should be able to estimate your cost structure.

    By answering these two sets of questions you should be much better equipped to specify what your website needs to do for you, and what approach you might need to take to social media and marketing to reach those customers and establish the types of relationships you will need to be successful.

    Your business model should now start to show whether your anticipated revenues and anticipated costs stack up.  And what it might take to increase revenue and/or manage costs.

    Using the business model canvas is a really simple and practical way to document your business model and be much clearer about the role your website needs to play in your business.

    As always we are here to help – any questions (we love question) please let us know





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