What Is Web Hosting?

    Posted on August 13, 2021

    Web hosting, web sites and domain names.  These are all important terms if you want to own your own website, but what do they all mean?

    This blog is to help those new to websites and hosting to understand these key terms.  We will use a simple analogy from the physical world to help explain what they mean and how they are related.

    Web Hosting

    Let’s start with the basics.  In order to have a website that can be found through a browser on a laptop or on a mobile device you need 3 things.

    1. Webhosting 
    2. A domain name
    3. Website content

    To explain these we will use the analogy of building a house on a plot of land.

    1. Think of web hosting like renting a plot of land so you have somewhere to build your house on.
    2. Think of your domain name (eg as the postal address of your shiny new house.
    3. And think of your website as the house.

    So now you know what web hosting is, what next?  The next step is to work out what type of hosting is best for you.  And BeMoreOnline can help you with that.  Visit our homepage, answer a few simple questions and we will recommend what web hosting might be best for you.

    Our simple to use checkout process will then help you find a great domain name to go with your web hosting.

    And finally once you are signed up, you will get access to your account and control panel within minutes.  Enabling you to choose how to create your website from a range of simple to use options.

    1. Use our free website builder
    2. Use WordPress
    3. Use our design service 

    Hopefully this blog has helped to explain what web hosting, domain names and web sites mean and how they are related to each other.

    But if you have any questions or need any help – please get in touch over Social Media, through live chat or through our contact form.  We love questions and we love to help.

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