What is a Domain Name?

    What is a Domain Name

    You probably would have heard the term domain name and even seen on our site and on all of the other web hosting sites out there.  But what is a domain name made up of and how does a domain name work?

    A domain name is what is commonly referred to as a website address, like or, and is unique to your site.

    It is the address you would tell your friends or family or customers for them to find your lovely new website.  “Hey, please come and visit it us at mywonderfulnewwebsite.comAnd it is the address they would type in to their web browser (like Internet Explorer, Safari or Chrome) to navigate to your website.  So it is really important to have a basic understanding of how they are constructed 

    It is actually made up of  3 different elements;

    • Protocol – eg HTTP or HTTPS
    • Domain Name – eg bemoreonline
    • Top-Level Domain (the bit after the dot) – eg or .com

    You will need to choose a domain name, a top-level domain and a hosting package in order to have a website that you share with the world.

    Behind the scenes the domain name that is entered in to your browser is actually passed as a request to a Domain Name Server, these Domain Name Servers provide your browser with an IP address eg The server with that IP address is contacted and returns the website information that should be shown in your browser.

    And voila – you see the website that you requested.

    Our great value hosting packages give you everything you need to get started. Simply choose a hosting package from our home page……and use our domain search bar to find a domain name and top-level domain for your website. All our hosting packages provide a domain as free for 1 year and an SSL certificate to help secure your site.


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