What Are Backlinks?


    Backlinks are links from one website to another, I am sure you will have seen them and used them as you navigate around the web.  You read an article or a review and as part of the text or at the end, it might make reference to another website, you click the link and that website opens.  You have followed a backlink to that second site.

    Backlinks are really important generally ie they help users navigate around the web and find connected pieces of information, but they are particularly important for you as a website owner.

    Why are backlinks so important to you as a website owner?

    Google sees backlinks from other sites to your site as a vote of confidence ie the referring site is telling the user that your site is worth visiting.  And if Google sees your website as getting a lot of “votes” it will really help your site to Rank ie appear higher in Google search results.

    But…not all votes are equal, of course.  Google does not just count the number of votes, but also takes in to account the “quality” of the votes.  Which sites is it that are referring users to your website?  Are they well established, reliable, high traffic sites or were they setup last week, with no content and no visitors?

    So what does this mean to you?  Assuming you want your website to be found, you will want Google to see that you have good quality backlinks, as these will count for you.  And you do not want Google to see suspicious and out of context links from poor quality  sites.

    Build good quality backlinks by providing high quality relevant content that other website owners will want to link to, there are no shortcuts.  Do the leg work and build genuine backlinks organically.

    Do not be tempted to artificially try and create links to your website, for example by adding comments with a link to your site on an irrelevant blog.  Google has become very adept and telling the difference.  And artificial backlinks or backlinks from low quality sites will actually count against you in the Google algorithms.

    If you want to know more about backlinks and the role they play in SEO – just ask

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