How To Create An SEO Friendly Domain Name

    Domain names are the names of websites found in the digital space. They are the links that visitors use to search for websites on their browsers. These links will then direct them to the websites.

    Domain names are divided into two; branded names and keyword names.

    Branded Names: These types of domains have the name of the business in their URLs. For example, The domain name of this link is the same as the name of the firm.

    Keyword Names: People who use this type of name want customers who need particular services at specified locations.

    Why Do You Need to Have A Domain Name?

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    The following are the benefits of having a domain name:

    Gives Brand Awareness: The availability of domain names makes people know that a brand exists. Old customers will easily find you on the internet and you can attract new clients.

    Makes A Site Credible: When buyers look for your website, they first check out your domain name. It gives professionalism to your site.

    Multiplies the Number of Clicks: Visitors can visit your site because of the domain name. This in turn improves the number of clicks on your website. It will also increase your rankings on search engines.

    How Do You Set Up An SEO Friendly Domain Name?

    If you want to set up websites, you need to think about their domain names. The names should be interesting, professional, and easy to remember. The most important thing is that they should be SEO-friendly.

    Choose Simple Names: No matter the type of domains you choose, make sure it is simple. That way, website visitors will be able to remember the name. It shows your website’s credibility and how it relates to their professional needs. If your website’s link is too long and difficult, few people will visit it. They might think it is a spam or scam page.

    Register The Name: When you register the domain name, it shows your company is legal. Go for reputable domains. For example, links that end with .com, .uk, .edu, are considered to be good websites. Do not buy domains that have wrong extensions just because they are cheap. It will affect your company.

    The next step is domain registration. Make the name legal immediately so that another company will not use it. To know the availability of your domain name, check it out on the BeMoreOnline website. Do the registration on BeMoreOnline after you have verified that the name is available.

    Choose Branded Domains: The websites of top brands have higher rankings than new sites. This is so because the top brands invest in branded domains for their sites. They provide their brand names in their website links. When people search for these brands, search engines pick the links that have the searched name.

    To brand your domain name, ensure the name is different from other brands. It should be easy to pronounce and recall. People will easily recollect “” more than “”

    Don’t Use Digits and Hyphens: Hyphens(-) and numbers(1,2,3, and so on) should be avoided at all costs. They make the links too long, unprofessional, and difficult to read.

    Examples:,, This would have made it difficult for many students to find Oxford University’s website. Lots of admissions would have been lost, and the school will have low patronage.

    The same thing would have happened to a business with such a difficult link.

    Also, avoid domains that repeat letters more than two times. It can confuse those searching for your website.

    These two links have the same pronunciation but different spellings. is simpler than Unfortunately, visitors searching for these websites will confuse one for the other.

    A visitor searching for can miswrite it as and vice versa. This will direct them to a different site. The original site will lose clicks and site visitors.

    Therefore, use unique names so that your brand won’t be mistaken for a different one.

    Use Digital Tools to Generate Names: If you are unable to think of a unique name, use a name generator. Some websites have digital tools to help you generate names. You can get numerous names all at once. Then you can choose the one that suits you and your business. It is an automatic process that gives you simple and unregistered names to choose from. You can check on the BeMoreOnline for unique website names. BeMoreOnline registers unique domain names for its users.

    To summarize it all, it is better to spend good money on top-quality domains. Cheaper domains with poor extensions will hurt your business and give you little returns.

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