How Managed VPS Hosting Benefits Your Business?

    managed vps hosting benefits

    Posted on January 5, 2023

    As of Sep 2022 there are an incredible 1.98 billion websites. That’s a lot of websites.

    Having a user-friendly and fast-loading website is a must-have for any business whether small or large. A website reflects your business, products and services and if for any reason a potential customer doesn’t like your website, they will go somewhere else (and there are plenty of other websites to choose from).

    Therefore, it is vital for your business to have a fast and reliable website to help ensure a great customer experience. To achieve this, you must publish your website on a reliable web hosting platform. Web hosting offers a space to keep, save and run your website so that anyone can access its information. There are various web hosting services like VPS hosting, shared hosting and dedicated hosting that you can choose as a way of hosting your website.

    For most businesses, VPS hosting provides the best option. VPS is short for Virtual Private Server and is a type of web hosting that uses virtualisation software to divide a physical server (or group of servers) into multiple virtual private servers. Each VPS user has their own space and cannot be impacted by any of the other VPS users. From enhanced security to improved website speed, better efficiency and budget-friendly rates, VPS hosting offers a whole host of benefits.

    VPS hosting is usually offered as either 1) managed VPS Hosting and 2) unmanaged VPS Hosting.

    We explain the difference between the 2 types of VPS below.

    Managed VPS Hosting VS Unmanaged VPS Hosting

    With managed VPS hosting, a web hosting provider and their technical teams will look after the physical and virtual server. They will manage and control everything on behalf of the end user – from administration to configuration, tracking, updates, installing software and so much more needed to ensure the smooth running of your server.

    With unmanaged VPS hosting (also known as self-managed VPS hosting) you will have to manage everything to run your server efficiently. This hosting is ideal for small businesses that have adequate time, patience and the right technical skills to manage the server.

    Managing your own server should not be underestimated. It can be difficult and daunting to manage the server yourself and there is always the risk of making a mistake and taking your website offline. So unless you are experienced and technically competent it is recommended for most users to opt for managed VPS hosting.

    Benefits Of Managed VPS Hosting

    Below we have set out the main benefits of managed VPS hosting. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

    • Cost-Effective Option

    Managed VPS provides excellent value for money, and incorporates the setup and maintenance of the servers and typically includes support.

    Although unmanaged VPS is cheaper initially, you will have to factor in your time and effort or the time and effort from an expert to complete the setup, maintain the server and troubleshoot issues. And this could be time consuming and expensive.

    So for most users, it is better to opt for managed VPS hosting services to avoid unexpected costs.

    It is a cost-effective option that won’t break the bank.

    • Higher Security

    Data available on the internet is vulnerable to cyber crimes and breaches.

    A single cyber crime can wreak havoc on your business and financial health, lose you customers and land you in trouble with data security bodies. Every business’s top priority should be security.

    The best way to protect your website from cyber-attacks is by using managed VPS hosting. This type of hosting offers optimum protection to your website, minimising the risk of cyber crimes. Every managed VPS hosting comes along with special tools to protect your website from spam and other threats.

    Moreover, since your website has its own server space and is isolated from other clients, you don’t have to worry about its security as a result of the actions of other users on the same server.

    • Better Performance

    Website downtime can disappoint potential customers, which could impact sales and some of these customers may not return. Don’t let that happen. If your website frequently experiences downtime or you are planning a business website you should be considering managed VPS.

    Websites running on a shared hosting can potentially experience performance and availability problems due to a lack of resources like memory and space.

    With managed VPS hosting, you have your own CPU, memory and disk space ensuring faster and more efficient performance of your website.

    The activity of other users will not affect your website’s performance or availability. And with the support, which is usually available, you are able to get any issues resolved.

    • Professional Support

    When choosing managed VPS hosting services, you get the support of a professional team with in-depth knowledge, relevant experience, and expertise to manage your server. Support teams are usually available round the clock and 7 days a week to fix any problems, ensuring the seamless working of the server.

    From protecting your server to solving problems, performing backups, and installing updates, the support team is responsible for every server operation.

    In The End…

    For most website owners we would recommend managed VPS. While it costs slightly more than a shared hosting package there are lots of reasons why it is the better option – better security, increased performance and availability, and help and support when you need it at a price that is manageable for most businesses.

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