How To Make Your Website Look Christmas-Ready?


    Christmas means different things to everyone, and while it is a time to celebrate, relax, get together with friends and family it can also be a busy time for businesses and business owners. 

    Christmas can be one of the busiest and most profitable seasons for many businesses, small and large, online and offline. 

    If this is you, it is important to make your business Christmas-ready to boost growth and profits.  For traditional offline bricks and mortar businesses it is normally quite obvious what needs to be done.  But what are the ways you can make your online store equally Christmas-ready. 

    With more and more people shopping online during the festive season, it has become more important than ever to make your website look attractive and welcoming. 

    So now could be a great time to give your business website a much-needed makeover to make it look inviting and appealing. Making your website look Christmas-ready can help you enjoy better sales, revenue, and profits. 

    Not sure where to start, check out some of our great ideas to give you inspiration.

    Let’s get started!

    Work On Your Website Banner 

    With Christmas just around the corner most shops and stores will be rolling out the trees, lights and tinsel.  But how can you achieve the same with your online presence?

    Let’s start at the top.  Your website banner is usually the first thing that customers notice when they land on your website.  It can often determine whether they will stay and explore your site or quickly leave. 

    During the festive season, many customers will be expecting to see a christmas look and feel to your site and potentially gifts and other deals. 

    Use your banner to show off your best products or services and any current offers. But remember to keep it current and relevant and take down or update any time specific offers or content.

    Apart from product images, you can add the following elements to your homepage banner. 



    • Add Calls to Action (CTAs) or include links to a page you want to direct your customers – for example “Buy Now” or “Book Now”
    • Include messages like ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ 
    • Use seasonal images such as snowflakes or wrapped packages to add a touch of fun and festivity.

    Edit Your Logo

    One of the best ways to make your website look Christmassy is to edit your logo to add a festive touch. 

    Add an extra bit of Christmas detail to your standard logo (add a christmas hat or some tinsel) or change to eye-catching Christmas colours.  But remember to change it back at the end of season..

    Changing elements of your website keeps it interesting, relevant and fun and lets your customers know that you are “on the ball” and they can expect little changes each time they come back.

    Play With Your Website Colours

    Continue the Christmas colour theme throughout your website.  Making little changes throughout and using a consistent Christmas palette will give a festive, but professional look.

    Whether it is Santa hats, bells, or trees, Christmas is all about red, white, gold, and green colours. Using these colours on different corners of your website including the sidebar, titles, or content will make it look impressive.  

    For instance, you can use a gold colour for your Calls to Action or red colours to highlight important information. You can even change the website’s background with Christmas-themed patterns or designs.


    Customise Social Media Buttons

    This Christmas give a complete makeover to your social media buttons on your website. Customers expecting a Christmas-themed background will be nicely surprised to see customised social media buttons. 

    Simply making your social media buttons look like Christmas ornaments will bring a smile to your customers’ faces.

    It shows you have a sense of fun and creativity and that you invest time in your site keeping it current.


    Include Countdown Calendar

    Time-limited offers and deals are one of the most effective marketing strategies to drive more customers. This is because a sense of urgency acts as a strong tool to attract consumers and push sales.

    For instance, “Buy Now & Get 30% OFF” and “Offer Valid Till Midnight” are some of the limited-time deals that encourage customers to take immediate action.

    One option might be to add a Christmas or festive season countdown.  Adding a countdown calendar (X days for our Christmas offer) on your website will remind your customers about the days left for Christmas. 

    It will encourage them to buy ahead of an offer expiring or ensure they complete an order in enough time to receive it ahead of Christmas.

    Extra Tips To Make Your Website Festive Ready

    • Post interesting and engaging blogs like “5 ways to celebrate Christmas” or “How to boost sales during the Christmas season”
    • Decorate your newsletter, emails or social media posts 
    • Host a Christmas giveaway on your website
    • Create seasonal pop-ups
    • Use festive-themed buttons

    In summary…

    It is still not too late to update your website for the festive season.  Even minor changes can get the attention of your customers, encourage them to engage with your site and convert them into leads or sales. 

    However the clock is ticking, it’s the right time to get your creative juices flowing and make your website look Christmas-ready today. 

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