How To Make a Website with WordPress – For Beginners

    Using WordPress to make a website is simple and fast, even for a beginner.  You can make your own great looking website quickly, with very little knowledge and absolutely no coding

    WordPress is so flexible, you can make pretty much any kind of website you could think of using it.

    Knowing how to make your own website can be fun and there can be a lot of advantages for a small business or (for just) working on a personal project.  Firstly, it can save you money because you don’t need to hire a designer or a developer.  Secondly, it can save you time – you can create a website quickly and you can change almost anything usually in a few minutes.  And finally, you can flexible, try something – if it doesn’t work undo it and try something else.

    Having your own website gives your business a presence and credibility.  It is like having a virtual shop window that the world can walk past and see what it is you are offering.  Or if your website is for a personal project, you can share your stories and pictures with friends, family and well anyone who is interested.

    We understand for a beginner this can be daunting.  This guide is here to provide step by step guidance on everything you need to know about building your first website with WordPress.

    BeMoreOnline has years of experience of webhosting and helping people get online with WordPress.   We will be with you every step of the way.

    So what are you waiting for, lets get started.

    Get A Domain Name And Hosting

    Finding a great Domain name (eg and the right hosting (i.e. where your site will live) are a fun but important first step in getting your website online.

    Be more online

    You can use our domain search bar to find a domain name that a) will be a great fit for your project and b) is available to be registered (billions of domain names have already been registered so you may need to get creative to find a domain name that is easy to remember, doesn’t sound like an existing website and is a good match for your brand or niche.

    To search for a domain;

    > Go to Bemoreonline and select from one of our WordPress Hosting Plans for your website.  We offer 3 WordPress hosting plans, ranging from Basic through to Professional (our WordPress Hosting page will give your more information on the 3 plans and which you should choose).

    > After you have selected a WordPress Hosting plan, three options will be displayed to register a new domain name, transfer your domain from another registrar or use my existing domain and update my nameservers.

    Assuming you are just starting out and need a domain, enter the domain name you want to use under the new domain name. Then, you will be notified if the name is available or not and in case it is not available suggestions will be given.  This is where you may need to get creative and try and few options to find an available domain that works for you.

    > You will be taken to the preview and checkout page with the hosting and domain registration plan

    > Once you click on checkout, you will be asked for your personal information and billing details. Finally, you will need to provide a password, choose your payment method, agree to the terms of service, and click to complete the order.

    >Once you have successfully checked out you will receive an email within a few minutes with the details of how to log in to your account and your control panel.  Where you will have everything you need to start working on your website.


    WordPress Automatically Downloads

    By selecting one of our WordPress hosting plans, WordPress will automatically be downloaded for you into the correct place.

    Wordpress Be more online

    Wordpress - Be More Online

    Follow the welcome email to login to your control panel, then use the WordPress Install Wizard to provide few details, such as language, WordPress username and password – this only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

    The WordPress User Interface(UI)

    Once you have completed the install details you will see a box confirming success and inviting you to login.  When you log in successfully you will be able to see the WordPress interface.  Which looks like this.

    Wordpress Web Hosting

    Believe it or not, you now have your own WordPress website – it is very basic and not great to look at, but if you hover over your website name in the top left corner and select visit site, you will see your site as it will appear on the internet.

    Wordpress hosting -Visit Site

    Wordpress Website

    Now for the Fun Stuff – Select A Theme For Your Website

    WordPress allows you to use different themes which make it possible for you to easily change the look of your website.

    WordPress comes with 3 default themes already installed.

    From the WordPress Dashboard – choose Appearance and then Themes to see the 3 default themes.  Your website will install on the latest theme (which currently is Twenty Twenty One), but you activate or see a Live Preview of the other 2 themes installed.

    be more online - wordpress themes

    Install Other Themes

    But there is a world of amazing free themes out there and they are incredibly easy to use and look amazing.

    Go back to Appearance and Themes and click Add New;

    themes - BeMoreOnline

    You will now be shown literally thousands of themes to choose from.  Scroll through them and look at the previews.  When you find one you like install it and then activate it from the Themes area.

    Customize The Theme

    Themes create a framework through which to present your content.  So you will now need to customize your theme with the content for your site.

    For example, I chose to install the Neve theme.  I can now hit Customize to start making some basic changes to the content.

    We won’t go into site customization in detail on this blog, but we will be covering this soon.

    Appearance - WordPress

    But the customization menus will allow you change the typography, colours, titles and navigation.


    Voila! You just got your first WordPress website. The good thing is you can do it all by yourself and you don’t need to pay anyone to get it done for you! With our bespoke WordPress hosting your website couldn’t be easier!

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