How to Identify Your Customers and Market to them Online

    Posted on June 2, 2020

    Customer Segmentation is the key to identifying who your customers are.  And importantly how to market to them online.

    Before starting an online marketing campaign, you really need to identify who your customers are. The best way to achieve this is to look at the most significant characteristics of your target audience. Your target audience is the group of people that are going to be easiest to work with and have the longest retention. By getting accurate information on the most relevant customers, the subsequent online marketing efforts will be much more effective.

    Here Are Some Ways To Identify Your Customers:

    Gather Demographic Data On Target Audience

    Your target audience has specific characteristics and certain patterns in their demographic data. People with certain age range, income level, geographical location and education level are more likely to buy your products and use your service.  Try describing your typical customer in terms of the demographics you think they would fall in to.  You can even try drawing them or giving them an avatar.

    Send Out Surveys

    You can get to know your target customers better by asking them about their preferences directly. With surveys, you can identify the most relevant target audience or people who find your products and services of value.

    Observe Trends

    Many people follow current trends. A trend may cause your current target audience to deviate slightly or significantly, depending on the how disruptive the trend is.

    Research The Competition

    If competitors are performing well, it means that they are targeting the right audience. Check their customer characteristics and compare them with your market research results.

    An effective way to boost your business is to implement strong online marketing. Employ these strategies to bring in more customers and retain current ones:

    Focus On SEO

    Organic traffic from search engines is still the main pillar of online marketing. Continue improving the SEO performance of your official website and blog. For a competitive keyword, try to make sure that your website ranks as highly as possible.  Although this is a slow process and you will need to keep your site SEO optimised and your content relevant.

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media allows you to reach customers directly. It works well for both B2B and B2C interactions, depending on the social media platform. This is a cost-effective strategy to establish brand awareness, promote products and communicate with the audience.

    Optimise For Mobile Users

    Consumers are looking for products and making transactions with their mobile devices. Make sure that your website and blog both work well on mobile devices. Develop an app for Android and iOS to make it easier for customers to browse your products and buy them directly.

    Measure Results

    There are analytics tools for measuring results of online marketing. If something is not working well, you can easily find it using the analytic tool. Constant improvement is essential to ensure sustainable growth.

    Contact BeMore Online

    To learn more about customer segmentation and how to identify who your customers are, and then how to market to them accordingly online, contact BeMore Online today.

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