How To Get WebSite Analytics for FREE!!!

    More good news at BeMoreOnline.

    Not only do you get a free domain when you buy one of our great value hosting packages you also get WebSite Analytics included and of course that is free as well.

    As part of every package you will get access to manage your website from a Control Panel, and from this Control Panel you have access to AWStats.

    Simply click on the icon from the Logs and Stats section of the control panel to see information such as;

    • How many visitors you have had
    • How many of those were unique visitors
    • Which countries those visitors are from
    • What operating system they used
    • Which search engine or site referred them
    • Which keywords or keyphrases they were searching for
    • And you can change the time period of the reporting as well

    There is an old saying “you can only manage what you can measure” and having these stats is a great way to see where your visitors are coming from and what opportunities there might be to grow the number of visitors.

    Another super simple and free reason to buy your hosting and domain from BeMoreOnline.

    If you need any help or have any questions, please get in touch – we love questions ?


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