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    Posted on April 18, 2022

    Buying the “right” domain name ie one that is going to work for your business, is an important decision and something you should consider early on when thinking about your online presence.

    Our recommendation is that before you buy a domain name in the UK, you should research keywords that are both unique and relevant. You can then use these to make up your domain name and this in turn will help give your business visibility online. Google Trends is a great way to search for popular keywords online.

    ‘Google’ plays an important part in digital marketing. Digital marketing is the process whereby businesses make use of the internet and digital tools to market their products. Digital marketing also makes use of the internet and social media platforms to reach a wider audience.  These platforms have millions of users, and businesses can get new leads from them. 

    Therefore it makes sense to optimise your domain name and site for digital marketing through the internet, google and social media platforms.

    How to Buy UK Domain Name

    • Firstly identify a number of domain name that could work for your website. This is done by finding trending keywords or a brandable name to boost your site rankings on the internet.
    • Search for and buy your domain name(s) from a website hosting provider like BeMoreOnline.  You may want to buy the same domain an all available common extensions ie .com,, .net
    • Register the domain name – As simple as that. 

    How to Search for a UK Domain Name

    To do a UK domain name search, follow these steps:

    • Search for popular keywords for your domain name on Google trends. Select and compare those that might be relevant for your business, for example webhosting vs hosting vs sharedhosting.
    • Go to BeMoreOnline and get your domain in a few clicks.
    • Type the keyword (s) for your domain name on BeMoreOnline to find out if the domain name is available and get helpful suggestions for possible alternatives if it is not.
    • Choose relevant domain extensions eg .com,, .net
    • Add your preferred domain name to your basket and checkout.
    • Add a hosting package to give your new website somewhere to live.

    How Do You Use Google Search Engine to your Advantage?

    To get the most for your business from search engines, it is important to understand how search engine optimization and site rankings work (especially within Google).

    If you are able to effectively optimize your site for search engines, your site ranking will increase over time. If your site ranking is high, your business will have greater visibility to internet users and that should increase the traffic to your site.

    Search engine optimisation relies on you knowing your audience, what they will be searching for and what search terms they are likely to use.  Google trends can help you with this.


    Google Trends provides built it analytical and insightful digital tools developed for analysing the trending level of keywords on search engines. They show which keywords people search for on Google.

    These tools are unique because you can easily see the popularity of keywords over a specific time. They also show which keywords are more popular compared with others.

    Information that can be viewed on Google-Trend

    Google trend has two search selections:

    • A filter selection.
    • A simple selection.

    Users can use filter options to remove unnecessary data to view the data they need. 

    On the other hand, the simple search option gives the following information:

    • Popular keyword among other users.
    • The location of where these popular keywords come from.
    • Keywords that people look for at that particular period.
    • How long these keywords have remained popular.

    Google Trend Searching Tips

    Google trends are simple to use.

    • First look for the Google trend website on your search engine.
    • Set the location of where the popular keywords come from. You will find it close to the search box. Ensure you do this because the website has an automated location. Therefore, a user is required to change to their preferred location.
    • Start typing to search for some particular keywords. Once you do so, the search engine(Google) automatically suggests some words and entities. The suggested keywords will have similarities with the keyword you typed. It’s possible to combine multiple keywords and miswrite some words to get more suggestions.
    • If you’re not satisfied with the suggestions, just submit the keywords. Afterwards, you’ll receive the following information:
      • A graphical representation of how long people have been looking for these keywords.
      • A graphical representation of the place where the people who searched for these keywords stay.
      • Details of relevant keyword similar to the keywords you’re looking for.
      • Details of new relevant keywords.

    Using Google-Trends to Show the Popularity Over Time

    One major benefit of Google-Trends is the identification of a keyword that is popular over time.

    This enables the creation and promotion of posts that include current popular keywords. Users can also edit previous content on their website to indicate this. It’s easy to find out how keywords have trended over time.

    Just use the date filter to change the timeframe under review.  This will show you how the popularity of a keyword has increased or decreased over time.

    Using Google-Trends to Show the Location of Who is Looking for these popular keywords

    Google Trend can help identify where the people are located that are looking for these popular keywords.

    A map on Google Trends shows where the popular searches are coming from. Users are able to divide these locations into countries, states/regions, cities, or localities.

    Knowing where these searches are being made from is helpful in finding out where your potential customers are based, i.e. are they local, national or international.

    Additionally, you’ll learn the needs of the individuals living in those areas. For instance, if 1 million people living in Germany searched for ‘facial cream,’ that means they need facial cream products. Therefore, companies that manufacture facial cream products will see lots of customers in German.

    Details of relevant keywords similar to keywords you’re looking for

    Google-Trends gives popular keywords similar to those that the user is looking for. Users can simply type in ‘related query’ on Google-trend to get additional keywords. An example is a firm that sells shoes. The owner of the firm can look for ‘party shoes’ and ‘office shoes’ keywords because they are relevant to the shoe-keyword.

    Application of Google Trends to get New Topics Similar to the Previously Searched Keywords

    Google-Trends can be used to get unspecific new topics similar to the keywords the user is looking for. Simply type the word, and Google-Trend website will show relevant new topics.

    Another exciting benefit is that you can easily find a UK domain by using Trending Keywords from Google Trend.


    Buying a domain name from a reputable vendor can make all the difference to your digital marketing success. Bemore Online is your one-stop-shop for domain registration and hosting needs. We are here to serve you and ensure that your business gets noticed amidst the noisy online world. 

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