How Can I Get a Website Quickly?

    Posted on July 27, 2021


    Getting a website quickly is probably easier than you think.  You only need a few basic things to get started.  And even better news, you can get them all in one place ie a web hosting provider like  And as if that wasn’t enough good news for one day, the cost of getting online is low.

    So lets start with what you need.

    1. You will need somewhere to host your website
    2. You will need to register a domain name (a domain name is the internet address for your website – and will be something like
    3. And some content.  The content is what someone visiting your site will see.  And it can be a single page about you and your amazing dog.  Or it could be a mega shopping site.

    Let’s work through our list.

    1. Somewhere to host your site – hosting packages can vary a lot in terms of what they give you and how much they cost.  And looking through all the different terms can be quite scary.  At Bemoreonline we have tried to make this as simple as possible.  Answer a couple of really easy questions about what you want to do with your site and we will recommend the right hosting package for you.  Our pricing is really simple as well, and you will know exactly how much you need to pay in the first year and any subsequent years.  And if you do have any questions about what you need please get in touch over chat, email or social media.
    2. Getting a domain name – once you have selected a hosting package you will get the opportunity to search for a domain name and domain extension (in our above example bbc is the domain name and is the domain extension).  Searching and selecting a domain name is pretty straight forward, however millions of domains names have already been registered so your first choice may already be taken.  But with a little bit of creative thinking and being prepared to be a bit flexible you will be able to find an available domain (some of which are free with our hosting packages).  Again, any questions about domains – please get in touch.
    3. Lastly creating some content.  Within a few minutes of registering your domain and checking out, a default webpage will be created for you.  Letting any visitors know that your website is coming soon.  But to create some real content, you then have a number of options.  Firstly, use our free website builder.  Use the drag and drop features to create a simple website quickly and easily.  Secondly, use our one-click install option to add WordPress to your hosting (its FREE!!!), WordPress comes with a number of free templates which are super simple to update and look great.  You can also use our design service.  Our amazing team of developers can make just about anything happen, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

    So getting online quickly is simple and low cost.  Within 30minutes and for a small outlay you can have your own site registered, setup and ready to be shared with your first visitors.

    Now you have the basics almost anything is possible on your website.  And we have the tools and support to help you achieve your goals.

    My advice would be to just go for it, we are here to support you every step of the way and it won’t cost you much to open up some amazing possibilities.

    We are happy to help with any questions or advice you may need – chat with us, email us or find us on social media.

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