What do I get with a Fully Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

    Fully Managed VPS

    Posted on July 5, 2022

    In order to keep up with advances in web technologies and provide the best customer experience for your website, you should consider a fully managed VPS hosting plan from BeMoreOnline.

    It is now possible to have dependable fully managed and powerful VPS hosting at a very reasonable price, and it is surprisingly simple to set up and use.  

    With a fully managed VPS, you get a virtualised server setup just for you in minutes, your own space to provide outstanding web hosting, and an excellent customer experience.

    With a fully managed VPS, you do not need to make updates to your server, with the server management activities undertaken for you, saving you time.  As the host company, BeMoreOnline will complete the management activities for you, for example applying security patches and making any software upgrades.  

    You get support 24 hours a day to help with tasks such as server installs, upgrades, enhancements, optimization, and much more.

    With a BeMore Online fully-managed VPS plan, you have access to more than 25 different kinds of configurations – ensuring you get the right power, storage, and bandwidth at a budget to suit you.

    Choose from 1-10 cores, up to 32GB of RAM, and up to 400GB of storage.  With prices from as low as £9.99 per month.  And look out for our special offers with up to 50% off.

    What is a VPS Hosting

    Before we look at what you get with our fully managed VPS and what the benefits are, here is a quick recap of what a VPS is.

    A Virtual Private Server is an excellent, value-for-money alternative to buying and running your own dedicated server.

    It gives you many of the advantages of having your own server without the high costs and does not require you to have all the “technical know-how” of running your own server.

    When you sign-up for a Virtual Private Server through BeMoreOnline we will use sophisticated virtualisation technology to create a highly secure space for your website.  You will have dedicated CPU cores, RAM and Disk Space.

    Our Managed VPS is optimised for Web Hosting with 99.99% uptime.  We can have it set up for you in minutes and includes a user-friendly and feature-rich control panel.

    Now you know what a fully managed VPS is, let’s look at some of the benefits and what you get with a fully managed VPS from BeMoreOnline.

    How A Fully Managed VPS Saves You Time

    Our fully managed VPS plans include a virtual server with full admin access.  Please see below for some of the key features included in our fully managed VPS plans and how they can save you time:


    Your fully managed VPS includes support.  If you have an issue we are here to help.  If you have an unmanaged VPS you will need to try and troubleshoot any issues you may have yourself, which can take a lot of time. 

    Control Panel

    Your managed VPS includes the StackCP Control Panel.  Having this control panel makes managing your VPS as simple as managing Shared Hosting.  And it includes features like CDN and an automatic Migration Centre.

    With an unmanaged VPS you will need to install your own Control Panel (like CPanel or Plesk), but they are not as feature-rich as StackCP.

    The StackCP features simplify managing your managed VPS and save you time and money on all sorts of typical web hosting tasks.

    Updated and Patches

    As well as looking after the hardware and network, our team will manage the VPS, applying all updates and patches.

    Our system admin team monitors the server 24 hours a day, 7 days a year, so no matter when things go wrong, our highly technical team will respond within minutes.

    This ensures that its security and performance remain optimal at all times. 

    With an unmanaged VPS, you will be responsible for these activities which will take considerable effort.

    One-Click Installations

    Your managed VPS includes access to all our free one-click install software packages, so you can create any kind of site.

    Otherwise, you would need to manage these installations yourself.

    Benefits Of Having Fully-Managed VPS Hosting Plans

    Server Monitoring Ease

    As part of our managed VPS hosting plan, we carry out server monitoring as standard.  Helping to ensure that anomalies such as unexpected network traffic or specific security threats are detected early and before they can compromise the server. 

    The server hardware is also checked together with CPU usage, software programs, and disk utilization.

    24*7 Technical Support

    Many websites are business-critical.  Having 24*7 technical support ensures that major issues can be resolved quickly.

    Our excellent level of support ensures the maximum availability for your website and the best customer experience.

    Enhanced Privacy & Security

    Our fully managed VPS hosting platform gives you industry-leading security and privacy.  Our VPS environment is fully controlled and ensures complete segregation between client environments..

    Responsive and User-Friendly Control Panel 

    All Managed VPS Plans include a user-friendly Control Panel, which gives you easy access to the tools you need to easily perform day-to-day administrative activities. For an unmanaged plan, you will need to install your own Control Panel and you will need the skills and experience to operate it.

    With BeMoreOnline you get the StackCP Control Panel as standard, which is feature-rich and easy to use.


    Our fully managed VPS plans offer high performance and excellent customer experience at an affordable price.

    Because our plans include support, maintenance, and a CPanel as standard it makes it even better value for money.

    These plans do cost more than an unmanaged VPS, but with an unmanaged VPS, you will incur some costs as a result of setting it up yourself and having to maintain the environment yourself.  Plus you will need skills, knowledge, and experience to manage any issues yourself or within your team.

    If you have any questions about managed and unmanaged VPS please come and visit us at  We will be happy to answer any questions.

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