How to Fix Common WordPress Errors

    Posted on June 2, 2022

    WordPress(WP) is the most wonderful site-building platform out there. You don’t have to be a tech expert before you can use it. You only need a little knowledge of how to use digital tools and troubleshoot the problems you encounter.

    However, no matter how knowledgeable you are, you’ll still encounter some problems that might be difficult to solve. These problems prove even more difficult for WordPress new users. To them, when they encounter any WordPress common errors, they feel the need to consult a tech professional. This is because they don’t know what to do.

    This is the reason for writing this article, to give beginners some problem-solving tips on WordPress common errors.

    Most of these problems are usually easy to solve. You just need to know where the wordpress common errors comes from and resolve it.

    Errors and Solutions


    wordpress common errors

    Timed out problems: WordPress Common Errors


    timed out problems


    When your connection timed out, it means that you’re overworking your WP. That is, you are overloading your WP with many things at the same time. This is normally seen when you use shared hosting. When you use plugins that consume too many resources, you may have this problem. Or the problem might come from your themes or lack of PHP storage space.

    Fixing Tips:

    • Deactivate each plugin and try to use your WP as you deactivate each plugin. This is to know which plugin is creating this problem.
    • Increase PHP storage space.
    • Also, increase storage space on your WP.

    Refusal to leave Maintenance Modes by WP




    Is your WP continuously stuck in these modes when you edit your site? It’s good to always update your WP, but many users encounter this error while doing so. When you have a timed WP update, the screen might be stuck in one place and refuses to change. This happens if you interrupt the site while maintenance is going on. The WP page will lock down and show site visitors that your WP isn’t available. Nobody can access the WP once the maintenance is ongoing.

    Fixing Tips:

    • Remove the maintenance mode by deleting the ‘.maintenance files’ on the site. To do this, use FTPs to connect files and access WP’s root folders.
    • You can also fix this problem by updating your PHP files.

    Refusal to send an email by WordPress




    It can be quite frustrating when you try to send an email on WordPress, but it doesn’t deliver. The major cause is the hosting servers. When hosting servers have wrong configurations, they give out errors. In addition, they can’t use the mailing functions embedded in WordPress.

    However, some hosting sites have correct email configurations, yet give errors. The reason may be the spam-prevention function embedded inside the hosting servers. It’s there to prevent or filter spam messages. This can cause an error to occur if the emails couldn’t pass through the spam function. The spam function will send such emails to the spam folder, even if the email doesn’t spam.

    Fixing Tips:

    • Transferring Protocols for Electronic Mail: Replace your protocol with SMTP, a tool that sends electronic mail from WordPress. It delivers emails at an after speed because it properly authenticates emails. Download a WordPress email SMTP plugin to get this feature.

    WSoD(White Screen of Death):

    WordPress Common Errors


    white screen of death


    Wordpress Common Errors


    More than a hundred WordPress users have encountered this error. How does it happen? When users are on their WordPress site, the page they’re working on goes blank with a white screen. It’s as if there’s nothing on the screen. There are many reasons for you to encounter such an issue. It might be that your WordPress didn’t load properly.

    Fixing Tips:

    It’s not difficult to fix this.

    • Increase WordPress Memory: one reason for some site errors is a lack of enough space. If your site lacks enough memory, it might show some errors. Increase the storage space by clearing out unwanted files and caches. You can also edit the php.ini files on WordPress.
    • Clear caches: Clearing WordPress caves not only frees space, but removes unwanted files from the site. So, make it a habit to clear cache even after the issue has been resolved.
    • Enable Debug Modes: Activating this mode makes the error more visible on all your WordPress pages. It’ll show you the root of the problem.
    • Remove current theme(s): Sometimes, themes can create problems for you. Reset themes to the preinstalled themes that came with your WordPress.
    • Remove Plugins: Try and see if your plugins are working properly, if not, remove them. If your WordPress works after disabling plugins, then this is where the problem comes from. Otherwise, something else is wrong with your WordPress.

    Try any of the above-mentioned methods to see if they are useful. Otherwise, contact WordPress customer assistance for support.

    Social Media Breakdown Problems



    Since last year, WP has been having problems with sharing Instagram and Facebook posts on WP with Embed. Anytime they try to make such posts, WP gives a ‘broken’ error message. This might be due to the changes made to Meta’s (previously Facebook) interfaces. Meta’s API is used for directly embedding social media posts into WP sites. Recently, Meta has laid down new rules. Programmers must register their apps before they can use embed blocks. After registration, they are given client tokens to get data to use to embed posts inside any website.

    This is difficult to do on WP, so the site admins deleted Instagram and Facebook embed blocks. They replaced them with WP plugins instead. This is why people can’t embed posts from these two social media.

    Fixing Tips:

    • Use special digital tools that allow you to embed posts one by one to solve wordpress common errors. You may download plugins made for this purpose.


    Most WordPress common errors come from wrong details, bad plugins, faulty themes, and embed features. Before you call in experts to review your unresponsive WP, it’s best to check the site yourself. Use the problem-solving tips written above to resolve the problems. An efficient WP does not give you problems and has fast loading time when you use it. You’ll enjoy your WP site more if it doesn’t give you any trouble.

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