Tips To Fix The Error Establishing A Database Connection Problem ?

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    Posted on June 20, 2022

    Is your WordPress website exhibiting an “ Error establishing a database connection in your
    website while accessing it? It’s a fatal error that makes your WordPress website untouchable
    for users. This type of error is the somewhat most common issue that pop-ups routinely right
    after migrating the hosts of the WordPress sites.

    It might look scary in some situations because it disappears your website data and might
    cause data loss. These error messages usually occur when your WordPress site is unable
    to make the connection with its database.

    So don’t panic. Although, this error makes the situation worst! To resolve this issue
    faster, follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps. Let’s dive more to understand the
    steps to fix these issues on WordPress sites:

    What Does The Actual Mean Of “ Error Establishing A
    Database Problem In WordPress”?

    Before we dig deep to understand this particular error message as a beginner, you need to
    know how WordPress websites work. It includes all the website information containing the
    post data, plugin settings, login credentials, and much more than are stored in the MySQL
    database of the website.

    At the time when visitors visit the website, WordPress uses the PHP query into the database,
    and it also fetches the correct information from the database to display on the pages of your
    Unfortunately, WordPress can’t able to access the website database in case that is not
    working. This error damaged the entire page of a website from loading. You won’t allow
    accessing your WordPress site dashboard.

    In case when your site uses caching, the visitors may be able to store the copies of your web
    pages. So if you predict the error early and try to resolve the issue before the caches get
    refreshed and protect your sites from a huge loss. The database connection issue is quite
    simple to resolve this error issue. If you got it while signing into the website dashboard, the
    issues occur when your login credentials for the database are mismatched.

    Common Causes: Establishing Database Connection Issues

    Here is the list of the common causes of the database that creates the issue with database
    connection error:

    Mismatched Database Login Credentials: One of the most common of Error establishing a
    Database connection is that your WordPress website gets the incorrect database login details
    that include database name, username, or password. Keep this in mind, the login credentials
    are distinct from the other logins you use to access your website.

    Corrosion Database: The WordPress database MySQL database contains a lot of
    information. It shows the error when any part of your website is deleted or corrupted. Manual
    tinkering and normal use can both lead the DB corruption. Although the website MySQL is
    the robust type.

    Corrupted WordPress Files: In the same way, your WordPress core files can become
    corrupt. Despite being outside the database, these files can sometimes cause the same error.

    Issue With Hosting Or Web Server: In case the issue seems with your website hosting or
    server, it will show this error. It includes outages, data loss, and some hardware failures.

    Troubleshooting Steps: How To Fix “ Error Establishing A Database Connection
    Problem In WordPress”

    It is quite a serious error, but it’s fortunately easy to get rid of this issue. Let’s started with the
    step-by-step instructions for resolving this problem.

    Verify Your WordPress Database Credentials

    You also begin troubleshooting here since it’s the most likely cause. We will need to find out
    and locate the website credential used by WordPress to access the website. In this, the
    information is stored in the wp-config.php file. To access this file you can also use the Secure
    File Transfer Protocol.

    On the other hand, if your website is hosted with the BeMoreOnline, you can be able to access the
    BeMoreOnline Control Panel for the file system or file manager. To access you will first need to login into your control panel and navigate to the Domains and Websites. Choose the folder with the
    manage icon. After that, click on the file folder symbol that seems next to the website, that is having issue.

    Error Occurs When Shifting The Website To New Domain

    This error shows at the time when you shift your website to the new web hosting and create
    the new website, the issue is almost with the incorrect database credentials. To connect with
    the database your WordPress site needs the following information:
    ● Name Of DataBase
    ● Username Of database
    ● Password Of database
    ● Location of database
    When you create the new site, in some cases the database login credentials at the new hosting
    can be different from the previous one triggering the error.

    Not Migrated Site Error Message

    If you experience this Error establishing a database connection message on your older
    website where you haven’t made any changes like migrating the web host in that case
    resolving this issue can be a little tricky. However, there are still some troubleshooting steps
    you will need to take to tackle this issue with the website.

    Before you dig deep to resolve this issue, you will need to check that the issue isn’t caused by
    your website hosting. In some cases, the hosts configure and establish their environments that
    your database server gets separate from the file server. A good web host will monitor the
    issue and figure out the ways to fix the problem in a short time or send quick messages to the
    support team to get help with the host’s uptime status.

    Final Words

    Getting rid of “ Error Establishing A Database Connection Problem In WordPress” can be a
    bit frustrating task. If you struggling with the same, we’ve shared some of the troubleshooting
    tips that help you to resolve this issue quickly. We hope this article will help you to learn how
    to fix the common WordPress error. If you want to learn more about how to fix these errors?
    Our team of experts feels happy to help you around the clock! Contact us today to get instant
    help with web development services!

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