Company Values : Accountability

    Accountability is the 2nd of our company values. But what does being accountable really mean at BeMoreOnline? And more importantly what does that mean for you – our very valuable customer.

    Accountability at BeMoreOnline means “standing behind our commitments, it means being responsible for our actions and words and upholding our company values”. It is extremely important to us and drives the decisions we make in running the business.

    We want to send a message of assurance to our clients, to our staff and to anyone who might want to join our family in any capacity that we do not renege on our promises.

    I am sure we have all had dealing with companies (and individuals) who will not honour their previous commitments and do not uphold their company values. They don’t want to deal with the negative impacts of a bad decision, or a mistake. They aren’t held accountable for their actions. And it is usually the customer that has to accept that.

    That’s not how we operate. We take accountability for ourselves and for our actions and words. We will try and prevent mistakes, but if anything does go wrong, we will be the first to put our hands up, admit a mistake has been made and try to put things right. All of our core themes tie together, and we feel like accountability is a big part of making sure that you get the level of service you need. We value your relationship with us.

    So accountability might mean a lot of things to a lot of people. But to us, it’s about finishing what we start, being responsible for ourselves and about looking after your best interests. You’re important to us as the customer.

    As a company, we strive to provide the best service possible, and we won’t ever stop doing that.

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