Best Free eCommerce Platform?


    When it comes to free eCommerce it is hard to look past WooCommerce.  From electronics to food and drink, and from guitars to bathrooms, if you want to sell it online it is hard to think of a more flexible platform than WooCommerce and its free (although there are some paid for features that may want to take advantage of).

    Here are just some examples from the WooCommerce showcase;

    And it is simple (the watchword here at BeMoreOnline), buy any of our hosting packages and install WordPress as one of our 70+ one-click installs.  With WordPress installed, download the WooCommerce plugin and you are in business (well nearly).  WordPress is free!  WooCommerce is free!  So what are you waiting for?

    And don’t forget we are here to help.  Any questions please just let us know



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