5 Top Tips to Getting Online Fast

    Posted on July 21, 2021

    online fast

    Here are 5 tops tips to help you get online fast.

    Let’s start by explaining what we mean by “getting online”. For the purposes of this blog, getting online means having a simple functioning website that can be found accessed over the internet.  So lets jump in.

    Tip 1 – Don’t overthink it

    If you are new to websites, you probably have lots of questions and lots of ideas and are not sure where to start. But don’t overthink it. Just go ahead and get started. There is almost nothing that cannot be undone (see tip on choosing a domain name) and the financial commitment is small. And you can usually change the hosting provider you start off with you decide to change. So grab the 3 things you need (a hosting package (through a Webhosting company like Bemoreonlinee), a domain name and a basic website) and get online fast today (see our other tips on how to achieve these).

    You can watch our video on website basics here.

    Tip 2 – Find a hosting provider who understands you

    Find a hosting provider who understands you and you think you can work with. As a smaller hosting provider, Bemoreonline understands small businesses, start-ups and can offer you more support and more personal service. We try and make things simple and with a few simple questions can suggest the best hosting packages and other things you may need. So tip 2 is to find a hosting provider that talks your language – if you are a newbie work with a provider like us who keeps things simple.

    Tip 3 – Find a domain name that is right for you.

    A domain name is 1 of the 3 key things you need for your website, and whereas with other activities that are easy to change starting out with the wrong domain name can create problems in the future that are harder to workaround. You need to give some careful thought to your domain name for example Bemoreonline and the domain name extension like or .com. See our other blog on choosing a domain name and domain name extensions. Tip 3 then, is to spend a bit of time using search tools (like ours) to consider your options – you are unlikely to be able to have the domain that first springs to mind because millions have already been registered.

    Tip 4 – Use templates or a website builder

    Use templates or a website builder to quickly get a few basic pages live for your website. The sooner your website has been created and published, the sooner you can ask people to come and visit you. Bemoreonline provides a number of solutions to create great-looking websites quickly. Use a WordPress template or use our free website builder to get started.

    Tip 5 – Ask questions and don’t be put off by a few set backs.

    There is a lot of places to go for help when it comes to website basics, but we understand even that can be overwhelming. We provide a number of ways to get in touch using our contact form, email us or catch us live chat. We love questions and we love to help. So please don’t be afraid of asking newbie questions, there is no reason why you should know all this stuff. And trying, failing, and learning are all part of the journey.

    So remember 1.Get started, 2. Find a hosting provider that keeps it simple, 3. spend a litle bit of time finding a good (if not ideal) domain, 4. User templates and website builder to help quickly structure some content, 5. ask a heap of questions and keep going.

    That’s all for now, but for any questions please just ask – email us, LiveChat with us, use our contact form or find us on social media.

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