5 More Things to Consider for Your Website

    Posted on May 10, 2020

    Following our previous post back in April “5 Things to Consider for Your Website” we thought we would give you 5 more things you should consider for your website.

    Our previous post encouraged you to think about the basic design of your website.  In this post we highlight some banana skins that you will want to avoid;

    Domain Name

    If this website is for your business and you want to register your business as a ltd. company make sure your domain name is available (by using our domain search bar) and the ltd. company name is available at companies house.  It won’t be great if you bought the domain name myfabnewcompanyltd only to find out you can’t register myfabnewcompany with companies house.

    Contact Details

    You might want to think about what contact details you are going to give on your website.  Providing your own personal address details as your address is usually fine, but if you end up with a disgruntled customer – do you really want them coming to your home to argue the point with you?  Consider getting a business registered address that you can use with companies house and on your website.

    Ditto for a phone number.  Getting a separate business number (landline or mobile), can help keep your personal and business matters separate.

    Data Protection / GDPR

    Data Protection and the General Data Protection Regulation apply to most UK businesses and organisations.  There are a number of principles and user rights that must be adhered to and some stiff penalties for not being compliant.  Check out the ICO guides here to see which regulations apply to you.

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    SEO is easier said than done. But it can be very important especially for a business website.

    SEO is the activities you do on your website to improve how google and the other search engines rank your site for certain keywords.  However, even if you do everything right, don’t expect your website to suddenly start appearing in google for the words you think your customers will be using to find you.  Google is now very sophisticated and it takes time and effort to get ranked for specific search terms.  Do your research on what is required by google and other search engines, but be warned they keep moving the goal posts.

    Good honest up to date content is the best way to move up the rankings, but it is a slow process.

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    SMM can help you drive traffic while your SEO is taking effect. SMM involves using one or more Social Media Platform to direct customers to your website.

    Using the right Social Media Platforms for your end customer is key, as is targeted and relevant content.  Start small with one platform and experiment with what to post and where to post it.  Again this is time consuming and you may want to get the experts in to help you.  We use socialbuzzing who do a great job for us.

    As always, any questions please get in touch

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